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Dani has a well-worked stripper body, he is professionally dedicated to the world of nightlife, he has worked as an entertainer in the most important nightclubs in the world as a gogo, entertainer, and image and public relations guy.

  • Traits: Jovial look with a body worked with a lot of experience.
    Height: 1.86cm.
    Weight: 92kg.
    Show Type: Stripper, sexy show. Full nude
    Costume: police officer, elegant in a black suit, military and sailor.
    Show Area: Barcelona City & Barcelona Province.The show lasts about 3/4 songs that they have prepared on a music CD, they already have a choreography designed for the event, with games with the protagonist, with everyone, dances, etc.

All very erotic and with very good taste. At home or private rooms.


Why hire us?

PUNT FESTA Strippers Barcelona is a serious and rigorous striptease agency, which others want to imitate.

All our boys and girls are established artists with many years of experience in Barcelona and it shows when it comes to performing.

PUNT FESTA Strippers Barcelona was the first exclusive booking agency for stripper shows in 1998 and until now we are working with ONLY the best boys and girls in the area.

PUNT FESTA Strippers Barcelona guarantees the show. That means that the contracted show will not fail you, we coordinate everything from our offices in Barcelona and we are attentive to all the details.

Can you imagine that the entire group is waiting for the show and it doesn’t arrive?

What a disappointment for such an important day, right? That with: PUNT FESTA Strippers Barcelona will not happen.

We are not just a mobile phone number or a website.

We are an events agency with offices open to the public (PuntFesta), without prior appointment.

+INFO – HIRING Stripper Boy Dani:

In our offices: PUNT FESTA / PUNT LOVE

Our Oriol salesperson will assist you.

(from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.)
Mollet Office
Granollers Office
(from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.)

e.mail: contratacion@strippersbarcelona.com

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687596221 de 10h. a 22h.

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