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There are many groups of boys and girls who have chosen the capital of Catalonia to hold their last bachelor or bachelorette party, but is Barcelona really the best place to hold your bachelor party? We certainly believe so, the city of Barcelona is the gateway to the Mediterranean in Europe, an open, friendly city and yes, also cheap for many who travel from outside Spain.

With a wide range of cultural and social activities, its beaches and of course, its Paellas in Barceloneta is a great incentive to come to this city. Its airport fully connected to the city center offers you the possibility of being at your destination, hotel or BTB rental apartment in a few minutes, although if you wish we can offer you at Strippers Barcelona the possibility of a Hammer limousine picking you up at the airport, with or without a stripper, that is your choice…

But let’s go back to Barcelona, ​​why come to Barcelona to celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party… without a doubt Barcelona is a welcoming city, its atmosphere in the center of the city with the rise of the Borne area with the Moco museum or Picasso Museum and its world-famous Ramblas will give you a unique tourist opportunity to stroll through one of the European capitals with the largest influx of young tourists in Spain.

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