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Private Bachelorette Party à la carte in Barcelona 2024

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Private Bachelorette Party à la carte in Barcelona 2024


Dinner with an open bar of Sangria, or quality wine in a busy area next to the sea such as Barceloneta, private room just for you, personalized attention, more high-quality dishes to choose from on the same day.

  • MENU type:

    INCOMING (To share)

    Farmer’s bread with tomato
    Iberian bait Ham
    Homemade Russian salad
    Spicy potatoes
    Fried anchovies

    SECOND (To choose)

    Bolet sausage with fried potatoes and Padrón peppers.
    Grilled lamb with caliu and Padrón peppers.
    Cuttlefish Wook with Vegetables and Soy


    Lemon sorbet.
    Coffees and infusions.
    Private Stripper Boy with 20min show. just for you to choose from all our girls www.strippersbarcelona.com
    (sexy, ant-boy, dwarf, humor… Whatever you want!)


    Entertainer actor infiltrated with a 1:30h show. (the entire dinner) just for you, professional actors from: www.camarerosfalsos.com
    Entry into the best clubs in the area… Barcelona beach “chic area of BCN facing the sea”….

    +possibility of private VIP area for the group, with bottles.

    Free Girlfriend!

    Since everything is in the same area, there is no need for a bus if you don’t want to, everything is coordinated by a guide-coordinator who takes care of everything in the restaurant, controlling the show and the nightclub entrance.

    Do you want us to make you a budget adapted to your needs?

    Types of shows, without bus, without shows, with actors, etc…

    Contact us and tell us what your idea is…contratacion@strippersbarcelona.com


    Visit our offices, call or write to us:

    Granollers Office 938606063

    Mollet del Vallés Office

    Opening hours:
    Mornings from Tuesday to Friday from 10am. to 1 p.m., Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
    Afternoons from Monday to Saturday from 5pm. at 8pm
    687596221 (with Whatsapp) from 10am. to 10 p.m.

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