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PaintBall Barcelona

Paintball is the most popular sport in the world. It is practiced in the open air combining skill, exercise and, above all, it is characterized by the adrenaline discharge it produces and the good mood it generates.

It is the ideal excuse to have a great time with our friends, co-workers or family.

This sport is practiced all over the world by people of all ages where the main objective is to have a fantastic and fun day.

We played on a neutral course (a magnificent forest) located in the heart of the Montnegre Natural Park in Pineda de Mar (25 min. from Barcelona)

Two teams made up of a variable number of between 10 and 20 players each compete, with different missions or objectives to carry out

These players are equipped with a protective mask and a semi-automatic marker powered by CO2 or compressed air.

These markers shoot paintballs that break when they hit, leaving a stain.

The balls are made with a jelly shell and filled with food colouring.

This “paint” is totally biodegradable, non-toxic and washable (just dip them and they disappear).

We have 10,000 square meters of land fully prepared to play paintball, where you will find incredible places to hide from your opponent.

Price per person: €22


  • Central Flag You have to manage to capture the flag before the other team.
  • Two flags It is about capturing the flag of the opposing team to bring it to our own base.
  • President We will have to protect the President in order to get him to the opponent’s base. The President doesn’t have a marker! If they
  • eliminate our President, the entire team will automatically be eliminated.
  • Hostage We will have to free our captain from the enemy camp and bring him to our own camp.
  • Trunk Team game where we will have to move a trunk between 3 participants to the opposite base.
  • And many more…


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