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The funniest face of tupper sex meetings at the lowest price and with no obligation to purchase. A show where our professionals aim to entertain and amuse the group as well as inform and advise, as they exhibit the most striking products from our erotic shops.

It is an ideal form of tupper sex for any type of celebration: bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthdays, retirements, company dinners, etc.

How to organize a meeting?

As an organizer, you only need to gather a group of people and have a place to hold the meeting.

They are aimed at all types of groups and ages from 18 years: Women, men and mixed.

Then you just need to contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.

If I like something, can I buy it?

Our advisors have products for sale, which you can purchase at the end of the explanation. All our products are backed by our points of sale, located in Granollers and Mollet del Vallés, and our virtual store www.CondoneriaVirtual.com. Without intermediaries.

If any product is out of stock at the meeting, we will send it to the address you indicate us at no cost, in discreet packaging and with a return address in the name of the Evento 1000 company.

If you are encouraged to purchase our products, payments can be made by bank card or cash.


TupperShow, single payment of €100 (advisor fees)

Outside of Vallés Oriental, a surcharge of 0.27 ct/Km is applied. more tolls if any.

The TupperShow is carried out under prior reservation by calling 938790347 PuntLove Granollers – Galeries Sant Carles

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