Strippers Barcelona Girls

Sexy and experienced strippers that will bring you to your knees. All of our girls are professional strippers. We don’t hire amateurs!

Strippers Barcelona Girls

Strippers Barcelona Boys

Best stripper boys in Barcelona. Our strippers are real artists but they’re not afraid of hard work. They can be firemen, policemen, construction workers… Whatever you ask for!

Best strippers Boys Barcelona

We organise your whole party!

We’ve been taking care of stag and bachelorette parties since 1998. Trust us with your celebration. We are a professional agency with real offices in Barcelona. You’ll only have to worry about enjoying your stay!

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Sex Toys Demonstration

Did you ever want to enter a Sex Shop but never dared? We take the shop wherever you want, and you’ll finally be able to ask anything you want to know in an intimate environment. Friends, laughs and a sex toys show! Can it get any better?

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